infoSNIPER's WordPress Plugin

The infoSNIPER WordPress plugin offers the latest geolocation, mapping, and proximity search plugin for your WordPress site!

This plugin serves as an interface to our geolocation services.

If you are running a WordPress based website and you need to track your website users, then the infoSNIPER plugin is perfect for you.
The infoSNIPER plugin helps you understand not only where your website users are originating from, but includes graphical maps as well as user OS and browser information, we also tell you what pages they entered at and what page was the last page they used on your website. We do this by using our internal IP geolocation databases that let you precisely geotarget 99.9% of users traveling to your website.

We do NOT store any IP addresses parsed to us by the infoSNIPER plugin nor do we transmit or pass on the IP addresss to any third party service. All Geolocation results are processed on our servers. Once the infoSNIPER plugin does the call to our servers we simply parse back the GeoData to the plugin for storage on your WordPress server.

Use of this plugin to track geolocation data requires a infoSNIPER key. Get your FREE TRIAL KEY HERE

* The free trial key gives you 500 credits to use, after that you can simply refill your credits buy purchasing more here


The latest release of our plugin can be downloaded directly from WordPress here


This plugin records your user’s IP Address and User Agent. It then uses our infoSNIPER API to provide you with the following information: It is important to note that the latitude and longitude are not exact positions. They represent the center of a circle with a radius in kilometers equal to the accuracy where we believe the user to have come from.

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