URL Parameters

If you want to configure the outcoming results, you can use the following URL parameters and combine them with eachother:

/   Check the ip address of your own visit
/?ip_address=X   Check the IP Address X
/?domain=X   Check the domain X, whereas X could be www.example.com
/?map_source=X   Select Map Provider: 1 = Google Maps | 2 = Windows Live Maps | 3 = Yahoo Maps
/?map_type=X   Select Map Type: 1 = Normal | 2 = Satellite | 3 = Hybrid (default) | 4 = BirdsEye (Windows Live Maps only and if available)
/?overview_map=1   Display small overview map in the right corner (Google and Windows Live Maps only)
/?two_maps=1   Display Two Maps (Region and World)
/?zoom_level=X   Select Zoomlevel: Google Maps and Windows Live Maps: 1(World)-30(Street) | Yahoo Maps: 1(Street)-17(World)
/?lang=X   Select Language: 1 = English (Default) | 2 = German | 3 = Spanish

After choosing a parameter and changing another, the remaining parameters will stay the same.

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