Worldmap of Visitors

This PHP Script allows you to track and plot your visitors on a worldmap. The following image is an example screenshot of how it looks like.

If you are interested placing such a worldmap of your own visitors on your site, read on ...

Include the following image tag in your site to track the visitors:
<img src="" border="0" alt="" width="1" height="1">
To show the worldmap to your visitors, you just have to include the worldmap.php file in your site.
It generates a div container around the whole map content, so your site design will not be disturbed.
If you cannot execute php-code in a html site, please use an IFrame.
Also it is very important to set the rights of the file saved_addresses.php to 666 or 777.
All files have to stay in the same folder. If you want to change this, take a look at the first lines of code of every file.

Version 1.2  Released 2008/12/07  Download  (48 KB)
Infosniper Visitor Worldmap

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